Radial Labs

Radial Labs is a great place to bring your idea, safe in the knowledge that every project we work on will contribute either directly or indirectly to our mission of tackling the world’s most important problems.


We fuse creative innovation with extensive engineering and business acumen to achieve the maximum possible impact. We are looking out for the very best product concepts and talent, to which we add value throughout the development phase and deliver product to market with operational excellence. No matter the stage of your idea we want to hear from you so please do submit your idea via one of the methods shown in our Contact section.


Our track record over many years gives you the comfort that you are working with the right company. Radial has invested in several opportunities, using many different mechanisms to ensure fair value for all parties. The fact we only invest in the right opportunities is critical to be aware of from the outset of discussions. However, we will always attempt to create a structure where the inventor remains the majority beneficiary in their idea.


Radial Labs operate in many innovative areas, from ODM design, manufacture and supply of network transmission products to disruptive household consumer products. Simply put, we thrive on working with ideas, solving challenges, adding value and ensuring the right problems are being solved for the most altruistic outcomes.


We realise that not all ideas will be much beyond the conceptual stage. Our team includes the very best Product Design Engineers who can work with you from the earliest stage to visualise and add value to your product. Furthermore, we have the technologies to hand to carry out significant design and modelling of your idea.


Radial Labs will work with you to understand and interpret any constraints there may be with your idea, and identify solutions to ensure a successful outcome. Having an in-house team of Product Design, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering expertise to hand can save significant time and spend on bringing your product to market.


Throughout the development of your idea Radial Labs will endeavour to remove many of the obstacles that are most common in taking an early stage idea and converting to a marketable product. Each project is different, however we can offer paid employment, physical space, overhead contribution and investment. The best support model will be down to the requirements of the project and your own individual needs.


Over the years Radial has established manufacturing of several products for companies whose products it has invested in. Our global supply chain and associated expertise can be tapped into for anything relating to your product, including DFM, final build and supply to customers.


Product Design

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Analog, Digital & Mixed Signal Design
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Project Management

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Creative Space
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3D Printing
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Supply Chain

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Feasibility Study
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Setting Direction
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Radial Labs, a trading division of Radial Holdings Ltd is an electronic product design and supply company with a history of providing ODM and support services to established brands, startups, inventors and product visionaries.

We have produced well over 1 million units that can be found across the world in industrial and consumer applications, counting leading retailers and blue chips as stockists / users of product we have designed and commercialised.

Our success will ultimately be measured by our altruistic impact, either indirectly via commercial growth, or directly by using our capabilities to work on and address the world’s most important problems.